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"The Realty Agency"

"Over The Top Customer Service"

I have worked for new home builders where I have always been at the top of my game and outsold all my competition. I am a very well seasoned negotiator and ensure that my clients get the best deal possible whether they are buying or selling property. My entire life I have worked in sales from corporate sales to advertising sales and most of my sales experiences have involved one call closing and have been focused on providing “Over the Top Customer Service”


Have you ever experienced calling a Realtors phone number only to receive a voice mail and then never receive a call back from them? This at times appears to be common place in smaller communities like Yuma, but I will guarantee you if you call my number I will answer the phone and if I happen to be busy or on the phone at the time of your call I will return your call promptly. You see, I believe in providing "Over the Top" customer service and separating myself from the pack within the Real Estate community.


Unlike most Realtors this day and age that are not skilled or seasoned enough to ask for the sale and close the deal, you will find that I will ask for the sale and I am a very strong sales closer. If you need a Realtor that can get the job done you need not look any further. It is a well known fact that ten percent of Real Estate agents do ninety percent of the work here in Yuma and I am proud to say that I consider myself well within the top ten percent.  Please feel free to give me a call anytime if you would like to discuss the possibilities of either buying or selling a property. I will give you my utmost attention, provide you with superior customer service skills and an opportunity to take advantage of my exclusive five star marketing program. 


I have been a licensed Real Estate agent here in Yuma AZ for over a decade and have extensive experience in all aspects of Real Estate sales and procedures. I am certified in Short Sales and have closed numerous foreclosures as well as short sales. I consistently close a very respectable amount of sales every year. The majority of these sales are closed due to my corporate sales training and one call sales closing skills that I have learned throughout my lifetime. I have spent years attending professional sales training seminars with some of the best sales trainers in the industry such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Zigler and many others.

Unlike most Realtors that I have run acrossed they are usually scared to death once their client finds a property that they like to simply ask "Okay, so you like this property?" and if the client says yes then they are afraid to ask the most important question of all and that is  "You like this property so lets go make an offer" I am not afraid to ask for the deal!! This is what separates the hand holding tour guide method Realtors from the actual sales agents. I have found that the Realtors who are afraid to ask the important questions will end up showing a potential buyer so many different properties while waiting for the buyer to tell them that they want to make an offer, that usually the buyer will not remember most of the properties that they have viewed which makes it even harder for a buyer to make a decision and ultimately the buyer is taking the chance that the property that they did really like gets sold to someone else simply because the Realtor did not do their job and ask the hard questions.

If you are with a Realtor that doesn't answer their phone or return your calls promptly within the hour of your call then you are with the wrong Realtor. If you are with a Realtor who just takes you from property to property and isn't asking questions about your likes and dislikes of each property then you are with the wrong Realtor. If you are with a Realtor who can't promptly answer your questions about the area and the property you are looking at then you are with the wrong Realtor. If you go to your Realtors office during business hours and it is closed, then you are with the wrong Realtor. If you can't get in touch with your Realtor on the weekends then you are with the wrong Realtor. Is your Realtor always late for appointments, once again then you are with the wrong Realtor. These are some things to watch out for that will ultimately save you from grief in the long run.

If you are experiencing any one of these issues then it is time to say bye bye to your Realtor and give me a call. I find myself regularly working very late and long hours to ensure my clients get their needs met. There is a huge difference between working hard and working smart and that is something that you only learn with years of experience. If your Realtor is working hard showing you a million properties but doesn't take the initiative  to ask the proper probing questions as to actually hone in on your needs and wants for a property then you are being served an injustice. 

As you can see on my website I have numerous testimonials from very satisfied clients and if I were to post every positive testimonial that I receive on my site it would literally take up several pages.




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