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Make Your Buying Process Easy

When choosing a Realtor to represent you, you will need to choose wisely. The first thing you will need is a Realtor who is knowledgeable in all aspects of Real Estate transactions. The second thing you will need is a Realtor who is highly ethical and honest. The third thing you will need is a Realtor who stays in close contact with you and is up to date to the minute with all new listings that hit the market. The next thing you will need is a Realtor who is highly skilled in negotiating. The last thing you will need is a Realtor who takes pride in providing the absolute best customer service available.

These are just a few of the items that I bring to the table. Over the years I have learned that the only way to find my buyers the exact property that they are looking for is to start off by listening and then utilizing all my Real Estate resources to find that property. It is so very important to know exactly what a buyer likes and dislikes in a property so I can hone in on that perfect property for them. With Yuma being such a small town it is extremely important to keep a hawks eye on all new listings that hit the market as properties are selling fast here and I want to be able to show my clients any property that meets their criteria first before any other buyers might run across that same property.

I am very well versed in all the required documents that you will need to submit to the seller of a property in order to protect you in every way. Here in Yuma over the years there have been a lot of property sellers that have sold their property themselves without any professional representation and these particular properties often have either chain of title issues or even physical irreversible issues that could even result in structures having to be torn down due to building without permits or in violation of setback issues or in some cases the house was built illegally. You just never know. You should never believe that just because a house is new or newer that there aren't any issues. Even newly constructed homes often times have issues. I have worked for home builders selling new construction as well as selling resale homes over the years and I know what to look for in contracts and protection documents and how to ensure that you are one hundred percent protected even after the close of escrow.

Unfortunately if you were to unknowingly purchase one of these properties without professional representation you may not have a problem during the purchasing process but later on when you decide that you want to sell that property you could end up being the one who is unable to sell or even worse you could be the one who bears the burden of having to tear down a structure at your own expense. These are just a few things that you need to know about when purchasing property here in Yuma. This is why it is so very important that you have professional representation. Believe me when I say “I have seen it all” and the problem properties are nearly one hundred percent the properties that a seller somewhere down the chain of title sold without any professional representation. Building permits, title searches and complete detailed research is your best way of ensuring that the property you are considering buying does not have any issues and will not have any issues years later when the time comes to sell. My job is to make sure of this and I am quite good at what I do.

If you are thinking about buying a property here in Yuma it would definitely be in your best interest to contact me and let me help you navigate through the property buying mine field. I will guarantee that you will be much better off with my representation then without. Contact me today and let’s talk!!

Debra McCurry